Thyrobox DC 3 Industrial High-Power DC Power Supply

  • 1,25 MW Rectifier Module
  • 2,5 MW Power Frame
  • 10 MW Power Block

Thyrobox DC 3 from AEG Power Solutions fulfills the most stringent power supply requirements for demanding industrial processes: a perfect stability of output voltage for the best current quality and high efficiency performance. In line with the specificities of those processes, power consumption is as close as possible to a sine wave form and the system has a high power factor. Thyrobox DC 3 is based on proven B12 Thyristor Rectifier and IGBT chopper technology. Due to the wide output voltage range, load voltages from 50 V up to 1100 V can be achieved with Thyrobox DC 3. The maximum output current of each Thyrobox DC 3 module is 1800 A. Thanks to its modularity and to the capability of interconnecting up to 8 units into one power block, higher power requirements can be easily met. The robust and compact design enables utilization even in harsh environments.


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Grid-friendly открыто

Conformity to grid norms; Unit operation in line with grid operation goals

Industrial-grade открыто

A robust design crafted for harsh environments and high requirements

Scalability открыто

Parallel operation makes it flexible to adapt the capacity to changing load requirements
  • Type Rectifier
  • Power output 0-450 kVA
  • Technology Thyristor & IGBT 
  • Input voltage range 0,38 - 35 kV
  • Phase 3-Phase


  • Output current ripple <1 %
  • High efficiency (over 97 %)*
  • High power factor
  • Low THDi
  • Project specific parameter optimization possible
  • Modular Design for multi MW installations • Graphical display

Options include

  • Various communication interfaces
  • Special instrumentation and software
  • Different configurations for water inlet and DC connection possible

High efficiency at different load situations

  • Eco Mode for highly efficient partial load operation
  • Optimized OPEX due to decreased energy losses
  • Optimal system utilization due to combination of Eco Mode and Equipment Care

Parallel operation

  • Up to 8 units of Thyroboxdc 3 with a total max. output of 14400 A
  • Base frame option for one or two combined units

* depending on point of operation


  • Highly reliable process power supply combined with high efficiency

  • High dynamics to supply different types of applications

  • High quality DC power supply to increase the life span of DC components

  • Wide range of output voltage can be supplied by using proven B12 Thyristor Rectifier and IGBT chopper technology

  • Small footprint, especially low cabinet depth for simple container integration to increase the cost efficiency of system solutions

  • DC current or voltage source, depending on the project requirements

  • Fully grid compliant without cost intensive filter elements reduces CAPEX and optimizes OPEX costs

  • Stainless Steel cooling system, allowing use of tap water as cooling liquid