To increase power density and to allow easier installation on site, a new base frame solution for two DC-3 systems is proposed by AEG Power Solutions. The immediate benefit is that integration is easier in larger systems and it significantly decreases the handling and installation costs on site.

The Power Frame option comprises:

  • 2 Modules of DC-3 installed on a single base frame

  • Prewired AC paralleling cabinet, which allows to choose AC connection top or bottom and comprises a synchronization and decoupling choke as well as optional fuse switches or circuit breakers

  • Single base frame allows forklift handling

  • Optional installation of four Power Frames to form a 10 MW Power Block solution

Additional scope of supply

  • Transformer
  • Outdoor solution
  • Busbar
  • AC-LV-Distribution
  • Cooling system


Container / Skid Solution

Both, Power Frame and Power Block, are also available as transformer-rectifier unit (TRU) in a 40ft container or skid solution. Optional MV-switch gear, LV distribution or cooling systems are available.



Input Power Frame & Power Block
Input voltage 0,4 - 35 kV
Transformer External
Power Factor >0.95 for P >20 % PN
THDi HV power frame: <7 % @ rated point of operation
System level: <3 % @ rated point of operation
Output Power Frame Power Block
Min. load voltage 50 V 50 V
Max. load per single unit 1000 V I 2.500 A I ~2.500 kW 1000 V I 16.000 A I 10.000 kW
Current ripple < 1 % < 1 %
Efficiency @rated point of operation > 98.8 % @ nominal operation