Protect D Li-ion Single phase in / out UPS system


-- available Q4 2023 --

1000 – 3000 VA uninterruptible power supply with integrated lithium-ion batteries

With a high power factor of 1 the Protect D series exceeds the power of conventional UPS systems by 10 %. Efficiency is significantly increased during normal operation as well as in the energy-efficient ECO operating modes. The height of the UPS electronics and battery together is only 2 U. The autonomy times can be increased with additional battery packs; connected battery packs are automatically detected. Our advanced battery charging technology allows for short charging times and battery-preserving charging characteristics at the same time. A real-time event logger ensures careful observation and analysis of events as they occur. In addition, a regular automated battery test can be planned.


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Comprehensive UPS protection открыто

Online UPS topology, also known as double-conversion, provides reliable protection against all 9 kinds of power supply failures. It provides clean power thanks to connected loads that are constantly supplied from the battery.

Energy saving открыто

Due to its high efficiency, power consumption is very low. Over its product lifetime, the savings in terms of money and power are higher than older systems, making this a good replacement unit.
  • UPS Topology Double Conversion (VFI)
  • Capacity 1 - 3 kVA
  • Input/Output 1-phase/1-phase
  • Nominal Voltage 200 / 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
  • Power Factor 1


  • VFI topology (online / double conversion) protects against all network problems

  • Maximum output power factor is 1, VA=W

  • Level 3 built-in lithium battery connection, synchronization with UPS (SOC, SOH, behavior, external balancing)

  • Compact design: 2U UPS + 1U per battery

  • Long backup time with up to 4 optional battery packs and automatic detection

  • Rack/tower dual set-up with rotatable LCD panel

  • USB, RS232 port, dry contacts, RPO & ROO connectors, optional SNMP/Modbus

  • Maintenance bypass accessory with load segment control

  • Certification: UN38.3, UL1973, IEC62019, CE, IEC62040



  • Wide capacity range from 1 kVA to 3 kVA including internal battery and up to 4 additional external battery packs

  • Extended battery lifetime thanks to lithium-ion technology, lower TCO than lead-acid solutions

  • The UPS comes with advanced monitoring and management capabilities, enabling real-time visibility into power usage, battery health, and performance statistics

  • Advanced fault detection mechanisms, ensuring early identification of potential issues and preemptive actions to prevent downtime.

  • May also be used as a frequency converter

  • Usable as rack or tower version