AEG PS is part of electrolysis process in hybrid power plant of ENERTRAG

Enertrag, Germany


Prenzlau, Germany


Hybrid Power Plant


Hybrid power generation plant


ENERTRAG has ordered the delivery of a rectifier solution for the hydrogen electrolyzer of their hybrid power generation plant. Hydrogen is used to produce energy, which is then re-injected into the grid when required. ENERTRAG is a leading, independent, German renewable power generation company, with a main focus on wind power generation.


With the hybrid power generation project, ENERTRAG solves one of the crucial issues of renewable energy power generation plants: storing the energy produced and making it available when required. AEG PS’ rectifier’s key function is to supply a tightly regulated direct current to the electrolyzer.


This rectifier solution ensures high precision, high efficiency and a reliable power delivery to the electrolyzer with maximum power factor at its input.