AEG Power Solutions provides solar inverters for rooftop and free-field installation

Aldra Solar, Germany


Möhnesee, Germany


Free-field solar park & rooftop installation


PV power plant

  • 6 x 12.5 Protect PV string inverter

  • 4 x Protect PV.500 central inverter

  • 2 x TKS-C container units

  • 1 x Protect PV.630 metal housing


At the Berlingsen ground disposal site, a solar park was built beginning in autumn 2011 that comprises several surface areas totaling 7.5 hectares. The free-field installation is complemented by a rooftop unit – mounted on a barn located on site. The direct current generated from both installations is converted into alternating current by string and central inverters, manufactured by AEG Power Solutions, and fed into the grid.


The central inverters can either be installed in container units together with medium-voltage switchgear and transformers or built individually into outdoor enclosures. With a total output of almost three megawatts, this photovoltaic system is the largest solar power producer in the region. The electricity produced is sufficient to supply around 800 households.