AEG Power Solutions built solar plants in Italy

Energie Mediterranee, Italy


Leece, Italy


Six solar farms having a total peak output of 5.75 megawatts


PV Solar

  • 23 x Protect PV.250 

  • 12 x TKS-C 500 container solution 

  • Webbased Remote Monitoring  

  • PV.GuarD 

In 2010, acting as solar energy supplier and system integrator AEG PS assumed the overall project management responsibility for several photovoltaic installations in Italy. These included six solar farms having a total peak output of 5.75 megawatts. For the solar power installations, AEG PS supplied a total of 23 Protect PV.250 solar inverters and 12 TKS-C container stations.  


Another highlight of AEG PS’ product range included a cutting-edge monitoring system which was implemented here for the entire plant installation. “We have carried out all phases of the project, from planning to installation, making use of our solar products that are best suited for large-scale PV plants,” said Project Manager Andreas Scherf, describing the challenge this project presented. After completion, the plant was commissioned by service technicians from AEG Power Solutions.