Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. leaves customized power solution techniques to AEG PS

HF Teichmann, China


Hainan, China


CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Coater Lines for On-Line Low-E Coating on Float Glass Lines


Power controllers & systems

  • Power Control Centers for 600MTPD

Two CVD Coater Electrical Heating PCCs (Power Control Centers) were designed and manufactured by AEG Power Solutions USA and AEG Power Solutions China, according to specifications provided by Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. Based in McMurray, Pennsylvania, USA, Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. is recognized worldwide as one of the largest engineering and contracting firms serving the glass industry.


AEG Power Solutions provides custom electric heat power solutions to the glass industry by application of its advanced SCR power controller technology and experience. AEG PS’ advanced SCR power controller technology, combined with Henry F. Teichmann’s glass know-how, makes an excellent solution for international glass projects. Thyro-A’s electrical parameters are flexible and may be easily customized to optimize glass coating or other electrical heat processes.


Together with its compact size and various communications options, some useful features include voltage/current/power regulation, and user-configurable analog I/Os and contacts