AEG PS selected by Powertronics to provide power supply solutions for rail transport in Egypt





DC power supply for railway crossings

Powertronics has selected one of AEG PS power system solutions to secure power supply to the new automatic control systems it was providing to Egyptian National Railways. Over 300 Protect MIP DC rectifier/ chargers were to be delivered between 2016 and 2018


The Egyptian Ministry of Transportation has launched a major transformation program of its national operator, Egypt National Railways, which includes upgrades to its rolling equipment and rail infrastructure to improve user safety and service. To reach international technical standards, Egyptian railway level crossing control systems will shift from currently manual/ semi-automatic control to fully automatic control. 


AEG Power Solutions’ Protect MIP 24V-50A battery chargers have been selected to supply the DC load to control and automatically open and close the barriers. In this type of application, security is highly at stake, so reliability of the system was the first concern of Powertronics when they selected their partner. AEG Power Solutions was chosen based upon the high reliability of the product and the proven track records in transportation applications worldwide.