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Derching (Bavaria)


PV Project Derching on the grid



Solar installations


Abakus Solar AG and AEG Power Solutions GmbH cooperated in the building of a grid connected photovoltaic plant.


The plant, with a total peak output of around 1.10 megawatts, was built in the Bavarian town of Derching near Friedberg in late 2010. Plant developer abakus solar AG planned the project and built the solar farm.


AEG PS installed a complete PV power plant solution with four Protect PV.250 solar inverters, two TKS-C container units and a cutting-edge monitoring and metering system. AEG PS also integrated a medium-voltage system in one of the containers which serves as a transfer station for the grid operator LEW.


Abakus mounted the modules on the new, aerodynamically designed “touch fix” mounting system. The Derching project is an example of successful collaboration between two leading PV specialists.