Dow Chemical relies on the first Protect 8 Industrial UPS with Flex'Ion Lithium-Ion-batteries

Dow Chemical


Stade, Germany


Protect 8 industrial UPS with lithium-ion batteries are securing the control system of the chemical production process


Industrial Chemical Production Processes

  • Protect 8.33 S10 60kVA
    (with Flex’ion Lithium-ion batteries)


At Dow Chemical’s major production site in Stade (Germany), Protect 8 industrial UPS with lithium- ion batteries are securing the control system of the chemical production process.
For production quality, as well as for security and environmental reasons, chemical manufacturing processes should not be interrupted. Providing high quality, reliable power is essential and furthermore, it is crucial that the power supply system is rugged in design to continuously operate in harsh environments.

The solution consists of Protect 8.33 S10 60kVA, an industrial UPS system with input transformer and 3-phase output, and Saft’s batteries, using proprietary technology with Super Lithium Iron Phosphate (SLFPTM).
Using lithium-ion batteries in combination with the system was a way to answer the second challenge which was the limited footprint. The solution installed allows for a reduction of the battery volume by 60%, is 3 times more compact and 6 times lighter compared to VRLA( lead-acid). This saves the extra cost of having a dedicated battery room and battery maintenance.