Protect SC Bi-directional Energy Storage Power Converter

Protect SC.600 is a bi-directional power converter from AEG Power Solutions with IGBT technology. The converter is the core element of any battery energy storage system as it charges and discharges batteries to store or provide power according to the application requirement (frequency control, peak shaving, energy shifting), or voltage control. Protect SC.600 provides an outstanding conversion efficiency factor for both the charging and discharging phases. Thanks to its wide DC input range, it may be used with any state of the art battery technology currently available. The latest option available features a seamless transition between on-grid and off-grid mode. This extends the battery energy storage system’s usage beyond its core functions to back-up in the event of a black-out. The system can also be provided as a turnkey solution including battery and medium voltage transformer.

Energy Storage Power Converter

Key Features:

  • Utility scale Storage Converter
  • Highest efficiency for charging and discharging
  • Fully grid code compliant: BDEW & others
  • Wide DC input range for various battery technologies
  • Black start capability
  • Seamless transition between on- and off-grid
  • Cabinet depth 600 mm
  • Initial Charge Function
  • Highest Power Density
  • Optional: Back-Up Power for control & communication
  • Modular design

Technical Data*


up to 850 kVA

DC-voltage range

450 V – 1,000 V

Max. efficiency

98.4 %


50 / 60 Hz

Battery technology

Pb, Li, NiCd, VRF, etc.

Temperature range

-20°C to +50°C

Operation mode

on-grid & off-grid


  * Further information available on request


Storage Converter functionality

Protect SC.600 is based on the highly successful Protect PV solar inverter platform. A power stack with advanced design, measuring and control technology forms the heart of the Storage Converter. The IGBT based converter technology is inherently bi-directional and allows a four quadrant operation.

The converter provides an outstanding conversion efficiency factor during inverter and rectifier operation. The Storage Converter can be controlled by AEG PS’ own Local Management Unit (SC.LMU) or by other control systems. AEG PS’ Storage Converter supports multiple communication protocols such as Modbus TCP, Modbus RTUor RS485.

Remote control of the Storage Converter through an Energy Management System (EMS) is possible when integrated into a smart grid. Data recording of the Storage Converter is available 24/7 and is accessible anywhere in the world.


Specialized distinction

The cabinets are only 600mm deep, thereby allowing for two rows of Protect SC.600 to be installed in a standard industrial container with space in between for personnel access. The modular design allows for easy expansion by the addition of supplementary Protect SC units. Due to the wide DC input range that is available, Protect SC also lends itself readily for use with any state of the art battery technology currently available.

Seamless on-grid/off-grid transition

SC.Seamless Transition Option allows the inverter to transition smoothly from on-grid to off-grid and vice versa. It allows usage of energy storage similar to a traditional UPS as it transfers between off-grid and on-grid without interruption with only a limited distortion to the voltage.

BESS dedicated to peak shaving will serve at the same time as a back-up power system. Paralleling of several energy sources is possible and allows the implementation of a stable power supply to remote areas. The option also allows to black start an electrical power supply with several independent energy sources working together.

Protect SC.600-ID-UL


On-grid energy storage system manages peak demands and integrates renewables


Storage Converters for Battery Energy Storage Systems for utilities, commercial and industrial, and micro‐grids



Outdoor Enclosure

Technical Specifications:


1100 kg

Size (HxWxD)

3190 x 2792 x 1300mm


-20°C to 50°C


RAL 7035

Method of Cooling


Protection Grade

IP 43

Relative Humidity

15 - 95% max, no condensing


Ethernet via optional fibre optical ring


Modbus TCP

Overvoltage protection


Ext. auxiliary supply voltage

TN-S 230 V, 50/60 Hz




PCS Container

The PCS container includes two SC.600 inverters, DiCa, transformer and optional switch gear. All components are pre-installed, tested and ready for installation and commissioning. The Battery container includes batteries, BMS (battery management system), air conditioning, fire protection. PCS and battery container are connected with cables, communication via fibre optic ring structure. Paralleling of several PCS + battery container subsystems are typically implemented on medium voltage level.

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